Sunday School Crafts For Small Kids- Children's Church Cutouts

Miscellaneous Crafts

This section is for the Sunday school crafts that don't really fit any where else.

Check them out and let the kids have fun making them! Great for Children's Church too!

Bible Cardboard Roll Crafts
Bible Doorknob Hangers
Pop Open A Good Book...The Bible printable template for kids craft or use for Bulletin board idea.
Bubblegum Machine Craft- Gumball Machine Cut Out Craft Psalms 119:103
Sunday School Lapbooks
The Three Little Pigs Craft-Water Bottle Pig Craft
The Three Little Pigs Craft
"I Build My House Of Bricks"
Psalms 71:3-...thou art my rock

Dryer Lint Paper Mache
Glass Jar Crafts
Glitter Crafts
God directs our steps doorknob hanger craft Road Signs Crafts
GOd Directs my steps road signs toilet paper roll craft
God's road signs paper plate wreath
God's Road Signs Popsicle Stick Craft
Ice Cream Cone Crafts
Kids Gift Coupons
Template Crafts
Monkey Paper Plate Craft
Paint Recipes
Cookie Paper Plate Necklace Craft
Paper Plate Flower Hats Crafts
 Penguin Holding  Bible Craft
Perfume Flower Recipe
Plastic Bib Apron- Walmart Sack apron craft
Playdough Recipes
Popsicle Stick Crafts
Puppet Crafts
Really RICE Pictures
Road Sign Bookmarks
Seashell Crafts
Three Wise Men Necklace craft
Veteran's Day Mobile


Which Hat Do You Wear?
Yarn Crafts
Psalms Crafts


The three little pigs card carft
Daylight Savings Time Clock Craft
Blest be that tie that binds ring and bracelet craft

Blest Be That Tie That Binds
 (Paper Ring & Bracelet)