Paint Recipes And Playdough Recipes

Here are some paint recipes that you can try making for Sunday school or children's church. Just add these recipes with a great lesson to make it complete. Kid love to play in paint! Make some good points that reference to Bible scriptures or stories in the Bible when using these. 

I have not added lessons to go with the recipes so you will have to come up with some that are creative.

The cake paint could be for the cake that the widow woman was going to make and just die until Elijah showed up.

The freezer paint could be to explain how God made ice.

For the baby lotion body paint you could pretend its mud and put it on the face of others like when Jesus smeared mud in the eyes of the blind man and told him to wash it off so he could receive his sight.

The possibilities are endless. 

You could make red paint and smear it on a picture of a door that the kids drew to represent the Passover of when the blood of the lamb was applied to the lintel and two side posts of the door so the death angel would pass over.

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