Sunday School Lapbooks

Some of the are lapbooks and some are binder templates. Let the kids have fun making a lapbook to go with their lesson. All you need is a colored folder and some pictures or objects to go inside a folder that is either taped or glued down. These are really fun for children to get a lesson across to them. Everytime you do a lesson with folder lapbook just add it to a large white binder for them to put it in and at the end of the year let them take them home.

Let's Be Like An Ant Sunday School Lapbook | Sunday School Crafts
Sunday school lapbooks Peter raised tabitha from the dead lapbook
Isaac And Rebekah Lapbook For Sunday school or children's church
Sunday School Lapbooks Eye for an eye tooth for a tooth
Jesus Raised Lazarus From The Dead Sunday School Lapbook Crafts
Sunday School Lapbooks- Leopard ABC's binder cover
Fourth of July Fireworks Lapbook
Fourth Of July Fireworks Lapbook
Galations 5:1
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