Old Testament Sunday School Crafts 

Free Sunday school crafts for preschool and kindergarten kids. They can be adjusted to fit older kids needs as well. We have made these crafts simple enough for small children to put together. Just pick a bible topic below and click on the link. This will take you into that category to see more of that craft section.

 If your looking for actual matching lesson plans then hop over to www.churchhousecollection.com and look at our lesson plans there. We have matched everything up with the clipart image. If you would rather just print a cutout printable out then try looking in our Cutouts sections.

Looking for a lesson plan to take you through for a long time? Try looking at our Ten Plagues of Egypt Lesson Plans and The Ten Commandments Lesson Plans. Those have a lesson plan for each thing. I did these in my class and it was GREAT! The kids learned a lot when I broke these down like this. They had a blast with it!

Abraham Crafts
Adam and Eve Crafts


Creation Crafts
Crossing Of The Red Sea Crafts
Daniel In The Lions Den Crafts
David And Goliath Crafts
Elijah Crafts
Gideon Crafts
Issac and rebekka Crafts
Jacob and Esau Crafts
Jacob's Ladder Crafts
Jonah and The Whale Crafts


Joseph and the coat of many colors crafts
Joshua Crafts
Lot's wife pillar of salt crafts
Noah's Ark Crafts
Psalms Crafts
Proverbs Crafts
samson and delilah crafts
Saul and The Witch of Endor Crafts
The Ten Plagues of Egypt Crafts
Ten Commandments Crafts