Spring Crafts 

Fun little crafts for your kids to do in Children's Church or Sunday school. They can even do them at home if you like. We have some Spring crafts along with some March crafts.

Spring Crafts for Kids in Sunday School Or children's Church By Church House Collection©
Jesus is my best friend chick cutout craft for kids in Sunday school or Cihldren's Church.

 Flower Crafts

"Spring Crafts

Garden of Gethsemane Crafts- Spring Crafts
Spring Flower Cutout For Sunday school Crafts

 Spring Flower Cutout

Print and have kids cut it out and pieces together. Glue on construction paper.

"Spring Crafts"

Spring Flower Puzzle for Sunday school crafts

 Spring Flower Puzzle

Have kids cut the puzzle out and glue the pieces together on a construction paper. Then color it.

"Spring Crafts"

Spring Rabbit Sunday School Crafts
Spring Butterfly Swirl Hanger Crafts
Spring Butterfly Cutout Sunday school Crafts

Spring Butterfly Cutout-colored

(Black and White)

Have kids cut this out and put it together. Glue to construction paper.

Spring Flower Paper Lunch Bag Craft for Sunday school Crafts
March Wind Sock Craft

March Wind Sock

Spring Crafts

Cloud Crafts Spring Crafts Acts 1:9 popsicle stick puppets

Cloud Crafts

"Spring Crafts