Printable Template Cutouts For Small Kids

I have created this page because I didn't really have a category for these printable template cutouts to fit into. These are very easy and simple cutout crafts for small school aged children. I have also created most of the templates in black and white so the kids can color them and also with NO WORDS so that way it can be used in school settings or for something else.  There may be some cutouts I made that are only colored and with words. Like the Kitty Cat Jesus is Sew Awesome printable. That one only comes in color and has words. I didn't make a separate template for that one.  

To remove the words on any of the printables just download the printable to your computer and then open it up in your PAINT program. Click on the eraser in your paint program and erase the words. After your done then just click PRINT PREVIEW to make sure it looks right and then print it out. You can also change words to fit your class needs. The paint program is a pretty useful tool that I use all the time. Very handy. 

Most templates are pretty easy to cutout however their may be some that may be a little hard to cutout in some spots. For instance the ant with the watermelon cutout printable may be a little tough to get around the ant legs and antennas. So you might want to help the children get around those areas. These are perfect for use in Sunday school or for in Children's church. These are fairly large templates and will fill an 8.5x11 sheet of paper. Try incorporating your Bible lesson and scriptures in with some of the printables below.  

 If you have small children at home and you want to give them something fun to do to pass the time then let them have fun coloring one of these printables and then help them cut it out. If you want to use these colored clip art images for personal use then feel free to use that too. All of these cartoons clipart images are hand drawn by me except the kitty cat one. 

You might want to check out the valentine section we have. They have cutout crafts just like these below and can be used for anytime of the year. Not just valentine's day.  We have a frog cutout that say's "I TOAD-ALLY Love Jesus" and a bear that say's "Jesus Loves You Beary Much".  Go check those out! :)

The Bible Fluffies Free Printable Cutout Booklet- Sunday School Crafts For kids- Childrens Church Crafts

The Bible Fluffies Mini Booklet Cutout

Sunday School Cutout Crafts

Jesus Is
Hamburger Printable Cutout Template For Kids. Fill Up on God's Word. Sunday School Crafts.

Hamburger "Fill Up On God's Word" Printable 

Sunday School Cutout Crafts

Fried Chicken Printable Template Cutout Craft For kids Sunday School Crafts. Not Chicken To Praise Jesus.

Not Chicken To Praise Jesus Printable 

Sunday School Cutout Crafts

Poptart Sunday School Crafts For Kids- Children's Church Crafts- Cutouts
Donut Cutout Printable Template- Sunday School Crafts - Childrens Church Crafts For Kids

DONUT You Know Jesus Loves You Printable 

Sunday School Cutout Crafts

Sunday School Crafts- Paint Can Paint Brush Cutouts
Sunday School Crafts- Ant Watermelon Cutout Printable

Consider The Ant...Printable

Sunday School Cutout Crafts

Duck Sunday School Crafts For Kids- Children's Church Crafts
Sunday School Crafts For Sunday School Kids- Popcorn Cutouts Printable

Pop Into A Good Book...The Bible Printable

Sunday School Cutout Crafts


Sunday School Crafts- Childrens Church Crafts for kids-Jesus Is SEW Awesome Cutout Printable

Jesus Is SEW Awesome Printable Cutout 

Only in Color and With Words-

NOT hand drawn by me.....

Sunday School Cutout Crafts

Pizza Sunday School Crafts- Childrens Church Crafts- Printable Template Cutout For Kids
Ice Cream Sandwich Sunday School Crafts- Childrens Church Crafts- Printable Cutout Template For Kids. Jesus Is So Cool!

Ice Cream Sandwich "Jesus Is So Cool"

Sunday School Cutout Crafts

Dog Sunday School Crafts- Children's Church Cutouts Crafts For Kids- Sick Dog With Thermometer In His Mouth In Bed

Jesus Heals Printable

Dog Sick In Bed With Thermometer 

Sunday School Cutout Crafts