Fall Sunday School Crafts

Fall Sunday School Crafts For Kids

We have lots of fall crafts to choose from for your kids to do in Sunday school class or children's church. Just pick out what you need and it will take you to the page. Most of our crafts are aimed towards smaller children. Everything is free! We have pumpkin crafts, candy corn crafts, acorn crafts, apple crafts and so on.

We also have a whole section of Fall coloring pages and Fall Sunday School Lessons tha comes with matching materials like fall printables and fall snack ideas. If you want to see that then just head over to the Fall Sunday School Lessons Page on our other website at www.ChurchHouseCollection.com.

Pumpkin Eating Popcorn Cutout Craft

"Lord Thank You For My Popcorn!"

Fall Crafts for sunday school children's church-Fall Mini Booklet
Candy Apple Craft Holding Bible
Fall Crafts

  "Harvesters For God"

Candy Corn Cup Craft

Fall Crafts
Pumpkin Plant Stake
Fall Crafts

God Made Pumpkins

Activity Sheet

 Cut the pumpkins out and assemble onto construction paper.

Scarecrow Stickers- Fall Crafts

Scarecrow Stickers

Just print on Peel and Stick Paper

Fall Sunday school crafts
Fall Crafts
Fall Crafts
fall sunday school crafts
Fall Leaves Carf Craft
Fall Crafts
Fall Doorknob Hanger Craft
Fall Scarecrow  Doorknob Hanger Craft
God Made Corn Activity Sheet

God Made Corn

Activity Sheet

God Made Corn Craft
God Made Corn Face Mask
God Made Corn Doorknob Hanger
God Made Corn Bookmarks
God's Pumpkin Patch Bookmarks
Candy Corn Bible Craft
Hay Bale Template
Scarecrow Template

 Scarecrow Template

See All Scarecrow Templates

Fall Leaves Template
Scarecrow Template

 Scarecrow Template

See All Scarecrow Templates

God Made Corn Template
Scarecrow Template

 Scarecrow Template

See All Scarecrow Templates

Scarecrow Crafts
Fall Pumpkin Craft Ideas
Fall Bulletin Board ideas
Fall Scarecrow Tree Idea
Falling For God Bulletin Board idea
See All
 Fall Boards

Candy Corn Toilet Paper Roll Craft
Fall Crafts Pumpkin Crafts

God's Pumpkin Patch

Snack Template 

Print this template and cut it out. Staple to a ziplock bag filled with popcorn and candy corn pumpkins. This has a scripture on the back of the template.

Acorn Tree Cutout Craft Picture
Pumpkin Name Tags, Harvesting For God Name Tags
God Made Corn Name Tags
Falling For Jesus Name Tags, Fall Leaves Name Tags
Harvesting For God Bulletin Board Idea
pumpkin Door knob hanger crafts

Pumpkin Doorknob Hangers

Sell all of them

Acorn Holding Bible Cutout Sheet
Acorn Toilet Paper Roll Craft- Me and Jesus are nutty buddies
Acorn Craft
"Me And Jesus Are Nutty Buddies"

Fall Crafts for Sunday school hay bookmark printable
Hay Bale Necklace Craft For Sunday School Fall Printable Craft