Acorn Toilet Paper Roll Craft- Me and Jesus Are Nutty Buddies
Acorn Toilet Paper Roll Craft
"Me And Jesus Are Nutty Buddies"

Colored Template- printable version
Black and White Template- printable version
Cardboard Tube (Toilet Paper Roll Tube)

Pick out which template you want to use. We have a black and white template for the kids to color or you could print the colored one out so they don't have to worry about coloring. However if you are using this in children's church it would be better to use the black and white one because it will use a lot of ink. Of course I'm sure you knew that already. lol

Have the child cut out the acorn hat, eyes and square. Wrap the square with the words and half the acorn on it around the toilet paper roll tube. Tape in the back. Then tape the acorn top hat on to the front. Tape the eyes on and your done. The words say, "Me And Jesus Are Nutty Buddies".

This is a cute fall craft that your kids can do for Autumn time. If you are using a certain lesson or scripture you could always have them write a scripture on the side of the toilet paper roll.

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