Blest Be That Tie That Binds Craft Paper Bracelet and Ring Craft
"Blest Be That Tie That Binds Craft"
 Paper Rings and Bracelets

Bracelet and Ring Template  (printable version)

Card Stock



Embellishments (optional)

Use this craft to go along with the  Blest Be the Tie that Binds Lesson. You could also use this craft with our Born Again Lesson.  If you are using this with very small children, you will want to shorten the armband or lengthen it for larger children.  The pattern armband is about eight inches long. (20.3 cm)

Print out the pattern on card stock, cut it out and decorate as desired.  Cut slits along the dotted lines and slide the armband together.  How simple is that!

Consider writing a Bible verse or the child’s name on the armband.