I love Jesus Christmas Wreath Craft For Sunday School

Take one large sheet of green construction paper and fold in half vertically and tape. Don't put a crease in it because you don't want a line in your wreath. Take some scissors and cut slits in it starting from the bottom going all the way to the top. Make the cut almost to the crease. Then fold this into a ring and connect with tape or staple.

Take a round hole punch and cut out four red dots for berries and tape on the to the wreath. If you have a glitter snowflake ornament then tape that to the bottom. The kids can make their own using paper and have them add glue and glitter to it.

This glitter snowflake that was used in this picture was from Walmart. You can buy bulk glitter ornaments from the dollar tree too. Let the kids add some yarn to back by looping it through the wreath and let them hang it up somewhere or on the fridge.

If you want to make this for church then have the kids write on the wreath loops, "I Love Jesus". Use three different loops to get this on the wreath by writing I on one loop, LOVE on another loop and JESUS on the last loop. Or you could use black sticker letters.