Mother's Day

Flower Sponge Gift

  • Red Plastic Cup
  • Green Straw
  • Flower Template (Colored)  (Black & White)
  • Brand New Sponge
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch

Print out one of the flower templates. Pick the color or black and white. Color it if you picked the black and white one. Cut it out. Fold your flower in half and take the hole punch and put a hole in it. Just put a half of a hole on the edge. Don't put the full hole cause it might be too big. Tape your green straw to the inside of your red cup. Now open your little flower back up and slide it on the straw. Put it on the ridges where the straw bends. Tape the back to hold it in place. Tape your leaves on to the front. Stick your new sponge down in the cup.

Now the kids can give these to their mom's for Mother's Day. The sponge is for washing the dishes or cleaning the counter tops off.