Printable Mother's Day Cards For Kids To Color Make
Printable Mother's Day Card For Kids To Color
"World's Sweetest Mom!"
 "Happy Mother's Day"

Printable Card-Colored or Black and White

This is a free printable Mother's Day card for kids to color and make for their mom. We have two different cards to print. We have a colored card and one that is black and white for the kids to color themselves. Just print the one you need and have the child cut the card out and fold in half. Have them write a note or draw a picture on the inside for their mother and then let them give it to their mom.

These would be great for Sunday school or Children's church for the kids to make their mom and give to them after church. You could even bring cupcakes or Debbie cake snacks and let the kids give that to their mom along with the card. Or you could tape a sucker or something else that is sweet to the inside.

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