Samson Toilet Paper Roll Craft

 Samson Toilet Paper Roll Craft

  • Samson Template - Colored or Black and White
  • Scissors
  • Card-Stock or Regular Printing Paper
  • Crayons and Markers
  • Tape
  • Toilet Paper Roll Tube

Print the template out. If you print the black and white one then have the kids color Samson with crayons and makers. If you print the colored one out then you can start cutting him our right away. Tape the square part to the toilet paper roll tube for his body. Tape his head to the front and position his arms on the sides and tape them down. Samson is holding a donkey jaw bone and a paper that says, "My Name Is Samson.

I buy the toilet paper roll tubes from Oriental Trading and the templates will fall just a tad short for those toilet paper roll tubes. But it will still look fine. I made the templates to originally fit the Wal-mart toilet paper we buy. Toilet paper roll tubes comes in all different sizes depending on where you get them.

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