Thou Shalt Not Steal Cut Out Craft for Ten Commandments
Thou Shalt Not Steal Cut Out Craft For Ten Commandments Money Bag  Stealing Thief

Thou Shalt Not Steal Cut Out Craft

Exodus 20:15- Thou Shalt Not Steal

Thief Template
Black and white- printable version

Colored- printable version

Pick out which template out need and print it. We have a black and white template and a colored template. If you print the black and white one then have the kids color the picture and then cut it out. Have them draw a background on a white sheet of paper and add the money and thief to the paper using tape or stick glue. Use this craft idea when your teaching on the Ten Commandments. We have broken all Ten Commandments down into 10 different lesson plans for the kids.

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