Three Wise Men Toilet Paper Roll Craft Christmas Sunday school kids
Three Wise Men 
Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Just print the template out and let the kids cut all the pictures out. Have them wrap the square sand background around the toilet paper roll tube and tape in the back. Then have them tape all three wise men to the front. Add the star and words at the top like you see in the picture above.

All toilet paper roll tubes are different sizes. If you order the cardboard tube rolls from Oriental Trading then the template will fit like you see at the top. It won't cover the length completely. If you use a regular toilet paper roll that you bought from the store then it might be to fat and not go all the way around but will fit long ways. It is very hard to make templates to fit all the tissue rolls in the world so please forgive me for not getting it perfect. It doesn't really matter anyways. The kids usually throw these in the trash. It's the point of getting a story across to the children when teaching and using crafts. You could always have them trim the tube if it bothers them.