which hat do you wear craft
Which Hat Will You Wear


  • Hat Template (printable version)
  • large and small craft sticks
  • hats printout
  • scissors
  • crayons
  • markers or colored pencils
  • glue

Print out the hats pictures and let the children color the hats.  Cut out the hats and glue them to large craft sticks. Draw faces below the hats.  If desired you can draw neckties or collars.   Use glue to connect three craft sticks onto two smaller craft sticks so they resemble the rails of a fence.  (See picture) 

Use this craft with our “What Hat Do You Wear” lesson.

Game idea:  Have the children play hot potatoes, but use a hat instead.  The children stand in a circle and quickly pass around the hat. Whoever drops the hat or is holding it when the music stops is out.